Small Finance Big Change has partnered with Agribusiness Academy to offer our greatest hits of Agribusiness Finance Trainings in an online version.  COURSE DETAILS This is targeted to Agri Entrpreneurs, and Agri Finance Professionals.


Agribusiness Finance – Certificate Course

Need to understand key principles of value chain finance? Want to design or utilise finance products in agriculture? Struggling with cash flow in your agribusiness?

If so, this course is designed for you.

This self-paced, online certificated course is brought to you by Small Finance, Big Change and powered by Agribusiness Academy.

The course features 8 lessons, a case study analysis and group coaching sessions with Agri Finance expert, Lorna Grace. You will also have access to agribusiness drop-in group coaching sessions via the Agribusiness Academy app.

The course fees are a one-off cost of $149, including all taxes. You can begin immediately and it is recommended you allow 3 hours per week to complete the course in 6-8 weeks, though you are free to progress at your own pace.

Introduction and Context

This audio lesson is an introduction to the world of agri finance, an exploration of key themes from the course and a chance to meet Lorna.

Smallholders and Value Chain Finance

This video lesson helps you understand smallholders’ challenges and available (and potential) solutions.

Finance in the Agribusiness Value Chain

This video lesson explores how finance interacts with agriculture value chains and how these chains lend themselves to effective finance.

Types of Value Chain Finance Products

This video lesson looks at types, models and categories of value chain finance products as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Designing and Quantifying a Financial Product

This video lesson teaches you principles of designing and quantifying a financial product as well as a look into cashflow and its importance.

Cash Flow Tool

This video lesson explores what is needed to design and use a cash flow tool (financial modelling) for effective decision making.

The Forgotten Finance

This video lesson looks at overlooked financial products and how they can use value chains to support dissemination and management.

Agri Finance in a Digital Age

This Q&A session with Lorna answers questions from previous learners of the course and includes several interesting case studies.